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Super Simple Strategies: SEO is the first in a series of free e-books I created to help you step up your blogging game.

When I first started blogging in 2013, there weren’t many free resources to help beginner bloggers. I went into it blindly, and that’s part of the reason my first blog failed.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when you are just starting out as a blogger. There is just so much information now, so many bloggers doing so many different things. It can be hard to sift through all the overload of information on how to start a blog.

I decided to create a series of free e-books, exclusively for my email subscribers, to help new bloggers easily navigate things like SEO, Pinterest strategies and email lists.

Everything in these books is written with one goal: to help you understand everything that goes into blogging, in simple, easy to understand terms.

Super Simple SEO is my free e-book outlining the basics of SEO in clear and easy to understand terms. It will help you understand what SEO is, how to find and use keywords to improve your SEO and ultimately, increase your blog views.

I want your blog to be a huge success, and I want to provide you with resources that you can fully comprehend to make that happen.

I know what it’s like to be a new blogger. I know that you might be hesitant to invest a lot of money into something you’re not sure will succeed. When you’re first starting a blog, you need all the free resources you can get your hands on.

I’ve been blogging for six years, and I’ve learned a lot along the way. In addition to my blogging experience, I also studied Business and Marketing at University, and worked as a Business Development Director in corporate America before I quit my 9-5 to run my blog full time.

I want to share everything I’ve learned with you, for free.

Through these free e-books, I hope I can make your blogging journey a little easier. I know what it’s like to be a first time blogger, and how much you want to be successful.

Using the simple strategies I teach in my books will help you get one step closer to being the full time blogger you want to be.

Download your free copy of Super Simple Strategies: SEO for free below, and happy blogging!


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