pinterest group boards for bloggers

Pinterest Group Boards for Bloggers

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54 Pinterest Group Boards for Bloggers

If you’re not using Pinterest Group Boards as part of your Pinterest strategy, you’re missing out on a huge potential for blog traffic.

There are a lot of bloggers who will say that Pinterest group boards aren’t worth your time.

It is true that Pinterest doesn’t prioritize group board posts in user’s feeds anymore, but I wouldn’t give up on group boards just yet.

Even if it is true that group boards aren’t receiving top priority in feeds anymore, utilizing Pinterest group boards + Tailwind + manual pinning is a solid Pinterest strategy.

I’m not going to go into the importance of Pinterest Group boards or Tailwind on this post. I’ve already done that on other posts, which you can check out by clicking the links I’ve conspicuously placed in this short intro text.

You came here for Pinterest Group Boards, and that’s what I plan to give you.

pinterest group boards

Here are my top Pinterest Group Boards for Bloggers:

The Business of Blogging

House & Home

Grow Your Blog


Women Entrepreneurs: Social Media, Blogging, E-Commerce

Pinterest Marketing Group Board


Passion for Blogging

Increasing Blog Traffic

How to Start a Blog

Connect and Share! Promote Each Other for Success

Blogging to Blog Group Board

bloggers & blogs

Blogging Tools & Tips

Blogging + Blogging Tips | Group Board

Bloggers + Creative Entrepreneurs Tips, Ideas and Inspiration

Bloggers Unite on Pinterest

Bloggers Sprinkling Joy Group Board

Blog Masters Group Board


BEST Tips for Blog & Biz

Any Marketing SEO, SMO and More

Affiliate Marketing

Writing Blog Posts | Tips and Tricks

Social Media for Bloggers

Chocoviv’s Lifestyle Board

Pinterest Marketing

Simply the Best | Blogger’s Group Board

Gift Ideas Group Board

Food & Drink


Workin’ on My Fitness


Top Blogs on Pinterest

Anything for Bloggers

Bloggers Unite – Let’s Help Each Other

Mama Blogs Group Board

Top Bloggers (Group Board)

Digital Marketing || Online Marketing

Share the Post | Make Money Blogging

self care

Lifestyle Bloggers

The Shop – Product Promotion Board

Work and Mom Life Balance

All Things Beauty



Makeup | Skincare | Hair Care | Beauty Products | Anti-Aging | Group Board

Skin Care

Beauty + Fashion Bloggers (Group Board)

Top Blogs – Pinterest Viral Board

Beauty Bloggers + Fresh Fashionistas

Healthy Instant Pot Recipes


Solopreneur Succes

Interior Design

pinterest group boards for bloggers

Here are a few tips for joining Pinterest Group Boards:

Read the board description in full

Make sure you read the entire board description to get a full understanding of the rules and how to join the board. Some boards are not accepting contributors at certain times, so don’t request to join if it says they are not accepting. Most group boards have rules, so make sure you take note of them. If you are part of a large number of group boards like me, it’s impossible to remember which rules apply to which boards. I always just use common courtesy when pinning to group boards.

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Don’t pin the same content to the same board multiple times per day. Space your pins out, and repin content from your group boards as often as you can.

If you use Tailwind, you can schedule your pins out to make sure you’re not breaking any group board rules.

Take the Time to Email

If the owner of a group board specifies that they want you to email them in order to join the board, just do it! It’s more time consuming than simply clicking ‘Request to Follow’, but it shows that you actually want to join the board. Here is a sample of what you could say:

Hi ____!

I found your ____ Group Board on Pinterest and loved the content. I am a blogger over at [your website], and I have been looking for some new Pinterest group boards to join.

If you are accepting contributors at this time, I think I could add some really valuable content to your board and would love to join!

My Pinterest username is: ____

The email associated with my Pinterest account is: _____

Thank you so much,


Only join high quality boards

There are so many group boards out there. I mean, there’s a shit ton. But not every group board is worth joining. Stick to your niche, and make sure that the boards you are asking to join have a good pin to follower ratio.

If a board has a low follower count but 300,000 pins, it is probably filled with spam. Even if it’s not spam, that is an over-saturation of content and anything you pin to that board will just get lost.

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You also need to make sure that these boards contain high quality, vertical pins that don’t lead to spam websites. It’s easy to figure out which boards are more productive than others simply by looking at them. If you find a board and it is filled with spammy looking pins, don’t join.

Pinterest group boards for bloggers are one of the best ways to grow your Pinterest account. I highly recommend using group boards + Tailwind Tribes to really skyrocket your blog traffic.

You can sign up for a free month of Tailwind here, no strings attached. If you’d like to read more about my Pinterest strategy, you can do so here.

Happy blogging!



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