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Pinterest Strategy that Gained me 244k Viewers in One Month

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If you’ve been thinking of starting a blog, you probably know by now that Pinterest is a huge resource for bloggers. 

For me personally, Pinterest is my #1 traffic source. Over 80% of my blog traffic comes from Pinterest.

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is a powerhouse when it comes to growing your blog. With 291 million users in the first quarter of 2019, Pinterest isn’t slowing down any time soon. It’s the best and most efficient social media platform for bloggers to gain traffic, in my opinion. 

So how can you harness the power of Pinterest to start growing your blog?

Let’s start at the beginning, with the three key elements of a successful blog:

Great Content + Traffic + Monetization strategy = blogging success

Great content is non-negotiable if you want any kind of success as a blogger. You have to give your readers something of true value. You need to be solving a problem or producing content that is will help your readers in some way. 

(P.S- If you write a blog that is more storytelling than problem solving, you can still implement this Pinterest strategy and be successful)

So, you’ve got great content, but how do you get the traffic? 

Before I started using Pinterest, I tried both Instagram and Facebook to drive traffic to my blog. Neither really panned out, but I’m also an extreme introvert, so I wasn’t really comfortable sharing my blog or details of my life with people on the internet. Pinterest turned out to be the perfect solution for someone like me, who is fiercely private and uncomfortable sharing on social media. 

The best thing about Pinterest is that Pinterest is not a social media platform! It’s a search engine. 

This is numero uno when it comes to figuring out your Pinterest strategy. You have to understand that Pinterest is a search engine, and it’s algorithm works like a search engine.

It doesn’t work at all like Facebook or Instagram. With social media, you need really visual content, a lot of followers and a lot of engagement to see results. 

With Pinterest, you need SEO optimization, a pinning strategy and clear, click worthy images that are the right dimensions. Pinterest for Bloggers

This article will outline the strategy I used to gain 244k monthly Pinterest viewers in just one month, which led to an explosion of my blog traffic. 

Marketing is all about statistical probability.

The more people that see your pins on Pinterest, the higher the possibility that more people will click on them and read your blog.

Here is my exact strategy for how I went from 0 to 244k monthly Pinterest viewers in ONE MONTH:

Create a Pinterest Business account

If you already have a Pinterest account, you can convert your existing account to a Business account easily from your settings. If you want to create a separate account for your blog, log out of your personal account and sign up for a new account. Select business account during setup. 

This is important- you can’t track how your pins/profile are performing without a Pinterest Business account. 

Create relevant boards

Create boards that are highly relevant to your blog niche, and then name them and describe appropriately. Do some keyword research to find out what people are searching for and then include those keywords in the name of your board as well as the board description. This will help your pins show up in other people’s feeds when they are searching for things related to your niche.

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This one is in all caps because it’s one of the most imporant parts of a Pinterest strategy. Start to curate really great and relevant content from other blogs or websites by pinning their pins to your respective boards. The thing you really want to focus on is pinning high quality pins only. These are pins that have nice, vertical images and don’t lead you to a spam website or broken link. Pinterest is a highly intelligent search engine, and if it thinks that your account doesn’t contain high quality pins, it won’t show anyone your pins. They try to keep their users happy that way. 

Manual pinning is KEY. If there’s one thing you should know about Pinterest, it’s that it will reward you if you are actually active on it.

Follow accounts in your niche

Let me be clear: your number of followers does not correlate to your number of monthly Pinterest viewers. I have seen accounts with smaller followings seeing millions of monthly viewers. I have also seen accounts with 100,000 followers and low monthly views. 

Here’s the thing: your follower count has nothing to do with your blog traffic or monthly viewers. If you implement the strategies I am outlining for you here, you can succeed at Pinterest with a low following. 

My main reason for following successful accounts in my niche is to get an idea of what they’re doing on Pinterest that makes them so successful. Don’t focus too much time or energy on your follower count. Just spend some time connecting with other bloggers in your niche on Pinterest, follow them, share their pins and try to see what it is their doing successfully so that you can learn from them.

Sign up for Tailwind ASAP

 Tailwind is a really awesome scheduling tool for Pinterest and Instagram. It is the only scheduling tool you need, and it is the only one trusted and endorsed by Pinterest itself. I have tried others, but using Tailwind was absolutely key to the success I have seen this past month on my Pinterest account. It’s an incredibly intelligent, user friendly tool that schedules your pins and then pins them for you at the most ideal times. Put simply, Tailwind knows when your viewers are most likely to be on Pinterest and engage with your pins, so it schedules pins for those time slots. All you have to do is tell it what you want to pin, and then let it go to work for you. Tailwind is a no-brainer in my opinion. It’s like the Pinterest virtual assistant you never knew you needed. 

You can sign up for a Tailwind trial using my link, no strings attached. Your first 100 pins are totally free!

But please don’t forget to actually be active on Pinterest, in addition to Tailwind. Like I said before, manual pinning is key.

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Start creating your own pins

If you want to put your blog content out there on Pinterest and get anyone to click on it, you need to create high quality, clickable pins. (Clickable = easy to read, with a clear call to action that will make your viewers want to click through to your blog) My favorite program to design pins is Canva. I subscribe to the pro version ($12.95/month), but you can use Canva totally for free if you want! I also occasionally use an app called Over on my phone if I am somewhere without my computer and feel like creating some new pins. Over is free to use or you can pay $9.99/month for more premium features.

If you aren’t comfortable with designing your own pins, or you just don’t have the time, download my 10 FREE Pinterest Templates for Canva. They are totally customizable, so you can make them your own. 

Use Keywords 

Like I said before, Pinterest is a search engine. It relies on keywords to show certain content to people who are searching for that content. You need to be optimizing your pins with keywords. But not only that, you need to optimize your Pinterest boards, your profile bio and your board titles/descriptions with targeted keywords. This is extremely important if you want to be successful in driving traffic to your blog from Pinterest. 

If you’re unsure about what SEO is, download my free Super Simple SEO e-book. I outline SEO for beginners, go over what keywords are and how to find and use them. 

Pin your content to its most relevant board FIRST 

First, pin the new pins you’ve created to the board that is most relevant. For example, if I create a pin for a post I wrote on ‘Ways to get rid of acne’ I would first pin that to my Acne board. Also important is where you pin your pins secondly. Don’t pin your pin to a super relevant board first, and then pin it to a generic/vague board after that. It is important that you pin your content to relevant boards ONLY. If you are pinning ‘skincare’ pins to a board called ‘crocheting for beginners’, Pinterest is going to have no idea what your pin is about. Pinning your pins to relevant, focused boards helps Pinterest understand what your pin is about and in return, it will show it to more users who are interested in that niche. 

Join Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind has this great feature called Tribes. Similar to Pinterest group boards (which we will talk about in a sec!). Tribes are basically groups of other bloggers/pinners who all have an interest in the same niche. For example, I belong to tribes such as ‘Personal Development & Growth’ and ‘Fashion and Beauty Bloggers’. These are both relevant to what I blog about. It is important to join Tribes in your niche. Basically the way Tribes work is this: you pin your content to the Tribe, everyone in the tribe sees it, someone (or multiple people) repin it to their Pinterest boards and BAM! Your pin has now been seen by everyone in their audience. See how that works!? There are even tribes dedicated to specifically getting your content shared by other bloggers. Just remember to follow the rules of the tribe, or risk being kicked out. Usually, they require you to repin 1 for each pin that you contribute to the tribe. No big deal, and you’re helping other bloggers gain viewers while they help you. It’s a win win!

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Request to join Pinterest group boards

A group board is a board on Pinterest where multiple users contribute content to the board. There are a TON of them, so finding ones to join is not the hard part. The hard part is finding quality boards that are going to help and not hurt your traffic strategy. I compiled a list of over 54 Pinterest Group boards to get you started!

Similar to the reasons you want to only pin high quality pins, you only want to be a part of a group board if it is high quality. Which means that the pins don’t lead to spam or broken links, and there aren’t already millions of pins on the board. You can find group boards by doing a simple search on Pinterest, and selecting ‘boards’. Any board that shows up with more than one contributor is a group board. Click on the board to view it’s content. There are a few things you’re looking for here: number of followers, quality of content and number of pins. 

Low followers + low quality pins = not a great board to join. High followers + high quality pins = JOIN THAT BOARD

You want boards with a high number of followers + high quality, relevant pins. I’m currently compiling a list of the very best group boards for bloggers, so stay tuned for that!

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Pinterest follow

This is the exact strategy that I use to gain new viewers on Pinterest, and how I gained 244k viewers in just one month with a brand new account.


I also pin a lot manually, in addition to the pins I schedule on Tailwind. Pinterest is a sort of egotistical machine, in that it likes to think you are constantly using it.

It is important that you are actively using Pinterest, not just scheduling out pins with Tailwind. You don’t have to be on it all the time, just get on there at least once or twice a day.

Everyone’s journey is different, and your blogging strategy and journey is not going to necessarily look anything like mine. But, I know for sure if you implement the 9 steps I outlined above, you will grow your Pinterest viewers which will in turn increase your blog traffic. In fact, I would almost guarantee it!


As always, thank you for reading and happy blogging!

Don’t forget to share on Pinterest if you found this article helpful! I also welcome your feedback in the comments, always. 


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